Shrinath Woven Pack Pvt.Ltd. (SWPPL) have set up state of the art manufacturing facilities at Hyderabad with a capacity of 2400 MT p.a. to manufacture a wide range of PP / HDPE woven bags with special emphasis on BOPP laminated bags. We are targeting industries such as Sugar, Flour, Pulses, Rice, Salt, Chemicals & Fertilizers, Cattle & Poultry Feed, Building Materials, etc.

Team SWPPL is committed to serve all your requirements. Young in outlook and rich in experience, team SWPPL strives for total Customer Satisfaction, continues improvement in quality and delivering value to its buyers. Despite the over arching team spirit that prevails at SWPPL, we believe, commitment to the customer begins with the individual. Our team members work like a well greased machine in their respective areas, last minute change in specifications, add on orders can be quickly & comfortably accommodated at SWPPL provided the same are received within reasonable time.

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